The Perfect Marriage

“Mawwage, mawwage is wat bwings us togeder today.” This is one of the more famous lines from the movie The Princess Bride. On Sunday, we looked at “The Perfect Marriage” or more specifically lessons from the Song of Songs regarding the person and nature of the Holy Spirit.  The message is titled “The Perfect Marriage” because both Solomon and the young Shulamite are derivatives of the same word, “Shalom,” the Hebrew word for peace.

The perfect marriage is a consummation of peace. This is a foundational truth for any healthy relationship. Both parties have to desire and pursue peace. For example, if a husband and wife both pursue peace in their relationship, they will have peace in their marriage and peace in the home. The dove will rest on them. 

This is a basic principle. God’s Holy Spirit will bring peace to your life but you have to welcome it. You cannot live in such a state of unrest that there is no place for God’s Spirit to rest and remain on your life. If you desire intimacy with God, you must value peace above all else. Peace within your own life. Peace in your relationships. And most importantly peace with God.  

To listen to the entire message, go here! If you’d like to watch any previous messages, visit our archive page. To watch this Sunday, go  here! The live feed begins at 10 AM.

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