Monster’s Inc.

The lazy man says, “There is a fierce lion outside roaming the streets! I shall be slain in the streets!” -Ancient Proverb

I love this particular Proverb. It is one of my favorites. Here is a guy that is so lazy he creates an excuse to stay home. He reasons to himself, “I can’t go outside because I might get eaten by a big hairy monster.” Well, that’s how it sounds to me. My kids put their own twist on it when they said, “I might get attacked by a pack of banana throwing monkeys.” A little far fetched you say? I think they got the point. There are a couple of great truths that can be taken away from this Proverb. The first is that if you let it, fear or worry will dominate your life. But isn’t this is a case of irrational fear? Perhaps, but isn’t most fear irrational? Let’s dig a little deeper. The second truth is that if you are lazy and opposed to a hard day’s work, you will believe anything to get out of it. Some who read this might say, this is so far removed from my situation that I don’t see how this even remotely applies to me. Let me put it another way. Laziness doesn’t pertain solely to the realm of someone making the decision to go to work. It can apply to any situation. So it could apply to someone who is already at work, but who doesn’t want the responsibility for the hard work of leading. This one says, “I’ll accept status quo because change is hard and besides… there is a lion in the streets!” Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Oh how we lie to ourselves to get out of a tough job. The truth often hits closer to home then we would like to admit.

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