Come to the Water’s Edge!

This past Sunday, Pastor Konrad invited you to come to the water’s edge and discover who you are. He shared from Judges 6-8 about the man named Gideon. He was a brave warrior who still needed to learn a few lessons about courage in order to discover who he was and what he was capable of through God. 

  • God sees something in you, long before you do (Judges 6:12-16).
  • God will put you in situations which require courage (Judges 7:2-3).
  • Courageous people are vigilant (Judges 7:4-6).
  • Courageous people need encouragement too (Judges 10-11).

Read Judges 7:1-22 for the verses that correspond to the points above. If you’d like to watch the message, “At the Water’s Edge,” in it’s entirety, click here! Also, don’t forget to download the weekly guide to get the most out the message. 

But the Lord said to Gideon, “The people are still too many; bring them down to the water’s edge, and I will test them for you there.” (Judges 7:4). 

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