Caleb’s “Grape” Attitude!

Attitude makes all the difference! For the children of Israel it was the difference between entering the promised land and wandering in the wilderness for 40 years! The Bible tells us that because Caleb had a different attitude and followed God wholeheartedly, he would enter the Promised Land (Numbers 14:24). 

Because of his Christ-like attitude, Caleb was able to stand his ground in faith and move in partnership and support even though he had to spend 40 some years in the wilderness listening to the complaining of the very people whose unbelief delayed his own experience.

Caleb didn’t get bitter. He got better. How did he do it? By remembering the grape! The lesson? Don’t let others sour the sweetness of your relationship with Jesus.

If you’d like to watch the full message, “Remember the Grape,” click here! To watch this Sunday, go here! The live feed begins at 10 AM.

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